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Should I Buy A Big Or a Small Website? | Ep. #1

It’s one of the questions I get asked the most: Should I buy a Big or a small website?

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When Do You Give Up on Your Website? | Ep. #2

Now that might sound a little defeatist. You might not want to give up on anything but sometimes, I can tell you, stopping work on a website is the wisest thing you can do. Now the answer to the question in general, generically, is anytime the cost exceeds the current and future benefits of the website you should look at stopping work and moving on to something else.

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Is There Such a Thing as Passive Income? | Ep. #3

Are websites the ultimate form of passive income? Well before we can answer that… let’s ask does passive income even exist?

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How Do Websites Compare to Other Businesses? | Ep. #4

Investing in a Traditional Vs Online Business?  What are the differences? 

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How to Resurrect Your Dying Website | Ep. #6

Websites can be dying for a thousand different reasons. Sometimes when things are going wrong, you need to step back and come up with a strategy of how to turn things around.

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Why You Should Buy Ugly Websites | Ep. #007

Why do people buy ugly houses?

To buy low and sell high.

The same thing applies to websites. If it’s got good fundamentals, it will be a quick way to make money.

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Affiliate Website Mathematics | Ep. #8

How do you calculate earning from affiliate websites?

URL Impressions X Google CTR X Affiliate CTR X Conversion Rate X Average Order Value X Commission Rate

Let me explain that…

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How I Became a Website Investor | Ep. #9

My first exploration into website investing didn’t go so well, but my second buy was successful.

I made some money and made a few mistakes along the way. There’s one thing I definitely would have done differently.

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