One on One Mentoring

Create a plan, take action and be held accountable.

What is a mentor?

Work with one of our Experts one on one to help you achieve your goals

  • Push your beliefs about what is possible (maybe your goal is too small?)
  • Have your learning directed
  • Be held accountable
  • Help you with contacts and resources you might need.

What’s the difference between Mentoring and Coaching?

A mentor is someone who tells you what to do, and expects you to go and do it.

A mentor might say… “Ok, you need to do A,B and C”. If you can’t do that, then you might need a life coach to help you work through your limiting beliefs

Mentoring is available for

  • Investing in property (cashflow / equity deals)
  • Starting a business / Improving a business
  • Investing in businesses (traditional and online)
  • Building cashflow through developing online assets


Sunil Jaiswal

Investor & Entrepreneur

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Jeff Hunt

Website Investor and Operator

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How does it work?

You book a mentoring time with your mentor. 

At a minimum – you have a 10 minute accountability call once a week with your Mentor. (This is so you sweat a little holding yourself accountable).

On these calls you’ll go through the tasks from last week, and you update your mentor on your progress.  

There usually isn’t any any mentoring on these calls, I’s just a chance for you to update your mentor on your progress.

However, you use the balance of the time with you mentor as you see fit. If you need 30 minutes a week… you can do that. if you need 1 hour a month, you can do that. If you need 15 minutes every 2 weeks, you can do that.

If you suddenly need an hour of brain storming… that’s possible too. 

You’ll get access to your mentor’s calendar so you can book mentoring calls when you need them

There is no expiration date on the time.

We have found that you’ll need to spend some time up front working on your plan, and mindset with your mentor… and then usually it doesn’t take much time on an on-going basis.

Your mentor will set action points, and help you hold yourself accountable. 

The Process

  • Set the Goal

    Work with your mentor on your goal

  • Create a Plan

    Your mentor will help you device a plan on how to achieve that goal.

  • Take Action

    Take massive action on your plan under the guidance of your mentor.

Limited Spaces

As our mentors are full time entrepreneurs and investors, they have limited ability to do one on one mentoring.

Please fill in the application form below to if you’re like to discuss mentoring in more detail.

There’s Something Weird That Happens at That Point Where You Don’t Have to Worry About Money….

Kat Rich, Dubai, USA

His Advice and His Experience Really Helped Me a Lot.

Denis Scvortov, Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the time last?

The time you book with your mentor doesn’t expire. At a minimum you will have an accountability call once a week to make sure you’re on track, the rest of time can be used as needed.

12 hours of mentoring typically lasts 6-12 months.

Do I need to meet my mentor?

No, you have all calls over zoom. We find online calls keep you focused and efficient, and there is no travelling time.

Will my mentor partner with me in my business / project?

This is a possibility, and something you can speak to your mentor about. 

Is there a guarantee?

No. Our mentors have proven track records…  They know what they do works, however your success if not down to them, it’s down to you.

Having said that, If you find that the mentoring program is not for you you  are eligible for a pro-rata refund.

We can guarantee you’ll get results (if you put in the work). We can guarantee you’ll be out of your comfort zone, and we can guarantee it’ll be fun and challenging.

What are some of the Rules of mentoring?

  • Be open minded – The key here is working smart and not hard.
  • You’ll have to be on time for the calls – no excuses. If you’re late – you’ll be charged 10 minutes.
  • If you can’t make a call… let your mentor know ASAP. At least a couple of hours before the call.
  • You have to do what you say you’re going to do.
  • You will have an  accountability call (10 mins) once a week (and even if you’ve done nothing … you still have the call).
  • You’ll need to allocate time for learning.

Will I need to have lots of time?

No… you’ll just use whatever time you have, Remember your mentoring time doesn’t expire.

Will It be uncomfortable?

Yep. Time to get out of your comfort zone. You’re going to be pushed by your mentor. If you want massive results… you’ll need to take massive action.

What technology will I need to use?

  • A computer
  • Google Drive
  • Zoom (Conference calls)
  • Mind Meister (mind mapping)
  • Google Docs

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