The Strategy, Tools and Guidance You Need to Build a Profitable Affiliate Business


Product Review websites help the ever-growing base of online consumers make buying decisions about everyday products.

Review websites earn affiliate commission income from retailers like Amazon, Walmart and product manufacturers.

The affiliate business model is the best path to online success for anyone new to online business.  The affiliate model avoids product creation, customer service, a sales process and much of the complexity of other business models.

The Review Website Masterclass goes well beyond education. It is a package of courses and tools, as well as a community of fellow entrepreneurs designed to make your affiliate business a success.

Course Objectives

The masterclass has one central objective which is to enable you to build a profitable online business.

You will:

  • Learn how to select a profitable niche
  • Follow a process for creating a website with content that attracts free traffic
  • Create content that guides visitors to make purchases
  • Develop a business that has current cashflow AND becomes a saleable asset
  • Understand how to optimize the performance of website pages to get more traffic and convert more visitors to buyers
  • Outsource the content development to freelancers to speed the growth of the business

Who Is This For?

Entrepreneurs who have a long-term outlook and the drive to build their own business will benefit the most from the Review Website Masterclass.

Time Available: This masterclass is for entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the effort to build an online business from the ground up. Starting any business from scratch requires time and tenacity. If you have limited time you should consider purchasing an online business instead.

Any Location: You can operate a product review business from any country.

Operators: Although tasks can be outsourced, you will need to learn the details of the system and should plan to be highly engaged in the business. As it matures you can delegate more and more components.

Business Builder Outlook: Building an affiliate business requires a medium to long-term outlook. You will learn techniques to accelerate and scale business growth but you’ll need to be willing to wait for traffic and income.

What Results Can I Expect?

As in every business endeavor you may lose all the time and money you invest in an affiliate business due to events inside or outside of your control.

Our affiliate websites have achieved asset values between 2 and 5 times the amount invested in content at the 1.5 year mark, using the tools and methods taught in this masterclass.

Investment Required

Websites vary dramatically in size and cost. With a target of 200 articles per site, at a cost of $50 per article, your investment would be $10,000.

If you write the article content yourself or improve the cost per article, your investment could be considerably less.

$10,000 Investment

20 Articles Per Month, Published Months 1 – 10 $10,000 Investment

End of Year 2

  • Asset Value: $30,000 – 30x multiple times monthly earnings (avg over last 6 months)
  • Life-to-date Revenue:  $9,060
  • Revenue in Month 24:  $1,370

$5,000 Investment

10 Articles Per Month, Published Months 1 – 10 $5,000 Investment

End of Year 2

  • Asset Value:  $15,000 – 30x multiple times monthly earnings (avg over last 6 months)
  • Life-to-date Revenue:  $4,530
  • Revenue in Month 24:  $685

What's Included

A Proven System

The secret sauce of any online business is two things.

  • How to get visitors to a website and
  • How to make money from those visitors.

This course teaches Jeff’s step by step process for defining, launching, operating and scaling websites in a way that consistently attracts visitors and maximizes profit from those visitors.

Community Membership

Every course includes a membership in the Flip Minds community made up of successful entrepreneurs from around the globe.

The community is a source for quick answers, additional resources and advice.

We’ve found that participation in the community greatly accelerates the success of masterclass participants.

New Content

Things change rapidly in the online space.

We continue to update and add new content and resources to the Review Website Masterclass as the online business environment evolves.

9 Video Modules

The course content is divided into 9 sequential modules composed of videos that teach the concepts and demonstrate the how-to’s of each step in the system.

Click here for details

Ready-to-go Template

You will receive a WordPress site template preloaded with a theme and collection of plugins selected to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Commercial Software

The course includes a 6-month subscription to a premium SEO product (not affiliated with FlipMinds) that will allow you to achieve results not possible with free or low quality tools.

Professional Tools

You will receive copies of the templates and documents Jeff uses to run his own website portfolio including research and operational spreadsheets, training documents and guides for writers and more.


We are cheering for both your success and satisfaction.

Let us know if you are dissatisfied for any reason and we’ll provide a full refund within 30 days.

Live Case Study

Sometimes theory just isn’t enough. The course walks through the step by step creation of a review website from scratch. You’ll get an over-the-shoulder look at both the process and the technical steps of creating a site using this live example. The case study website isn’t just a sample for education purposes, but a living growing website that continues to be operated and expanded today.

Course Content

Total Videos: 18
Total Duration: 05:01:09

2 videos

16 minutes

Success factors in the development of your first product review website. The basic economics, how much it will cost, how much you can make and what you can sell your website for when the time is right.

2 videos

1 hour, 25 minutes

The exact process for choosing a successful niche. Not all niches are created equal and not all niches will even be profitable.

1 video

20 minutes

The tools and process for locating keywords that will be the foundation for profitable traffic to your review website.

1 video

6 minutes

The do’s and don’ts and tools for choosing and purchasing your domain name.

1 video

42 minutes

The structure and process for creating article content that will attract traffic and generate profit-earning clicks. Templates and tools to train writers to create this content for you.

2 videos

22 minutes

Where to find writers, how to choose good writers, the hiring process and work assignment and management.

3 videos

19 minutes

A template for setting up your review site with all the plugins and settings you need to implement the techniques in this course.

4 videos

41 minutes

The pages every authority site must have and website structure that will please Google and keep visitors engaged.

2 videos

45 minutes

How to double down on successful traffic, generating even more traffic to to important articles and making more money from existing visitors.

Flip Minds Members Community

Getting the education is one thing, putting it into practice is another.

That's why all courses at Flip Minds come with access to the Flip minds Members Community


What is the Community?

The community consists of 

  • Private course-focused discussion boards. Ask for help, or even help other members. Get your questions answered, and be inspired.
  • eLearning Portal where you access courses you are authorised to
  • A Private Deals section where post approved deals. These investments could be real estate or business focused.
  • Additional resources related help you achieve success.
  • Peer to Peer Networking to help you build your network.

Is there a charge for the Community?

No, there is no ongoing charge or monthly fee to access the community.  You have access for as long as you choose to have access.

All Flip Minds experts are part of the community and contribute regularly.

The Members Community

The Review Website Masterclass is led by Jeff Hunt

Jeff Hunt is an internet investor, website owner and Internet marketer. He supports his family of 6 from his home PC and iPhone.

Over the last 10 years, Jeff has bought and sold over 300 income producing websites.

He speaks, teaches and coaches and is always on the lookout for the next big deal.

As a Project Executive for IBM, Jeff managed $25 million annual outsourcing contracts for mega-clients including Kodak and Sony-Ericsson. In between offline and online careers his family spent 7 years in a West Asian country serving students, families and small businesses.

Today Jeff enjoys capitalizing on internet opportunities and helping others to do the same. He actively buys and grows websites with the intent of creating multiple passive income streams.

Jeff makes his home in Indianapolis with his wife and 4 kids.

Jeff Hunt

Jeff Hunt
Website Investor and Operator

More details...

Included: The Online Business Masterclass

(What If I Am New to Websites?)

Website builders & investors come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. You don't have to be a techie or a marketer to make money with websites!

We are including the Online Business Masterclass to give you a complete foundation for the review website course and in fact, for any website business you may want to launch.

This comprehensive course can be consumed start to finish, or can be used as a resource to refer to for specific skills you may need at any time in the future.

Click below for full contents of the Online Business Masterclass

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