The Complete Guide to Online Business


The Online Business Masterclass is designed for newcomers to the world of online business. Right from the core fundamental technical aspects of online business to marketing and analytics.  The Online Business Masterclass is designed to be practical and hands-on with exercises throughout.

Who is this Course For?

The Online Business Masterclass is designed for people new to online business.

Ideally you’re at one of two points

You’re looking to start building your own online business


You’re looking to buy your own website that is already making money

The Online Business Masterclass is designed to help you increase your confidence level and reduce the risks of running your own online business.

Course Objectives

The Online Business Masterclass has 5 main Objectives


the essential foundation to online business


to take the first steps to build or buy a business, and know that you have the knowledge to operate it effectively.


Being able to find people and knowledge to help you get to your goals.


Be able to start a business and know how to make money by following one of the covered business models


To provide a fun and enjoying way to learn.

I Don't Need To have All the Technical Skills of an IT engineer

Julian Barrera, Dubai

I joined Online Bussiness Masterclass looking for alternatives to generate passive income in online businesses.

So far I learned that I don't need to have all the technical skills of an IT engineer to create or to own an online business, is more marketeer the skill that I need to develop which are in line with other type of investments than really technical skills that's been a break through to all this first.

I think the structure the course is amazing because is given all the basic technical information required to understand what really needs to be considered during the purchase or maintenance of online business, whatever is the business model.

Well I love the people that have been involved is not only one-man show it's a supporting team, I mean you have one of the the majority of the well-known investors or businessmen in the industry I mean you have Jeff Hunt, you have Chris, you have Jason you have Chuck I mean... what else do you ask for?

It's More like an MBA Course.

Tareq Masarweh, Dubai

I found out on I think one of the links on the forum or Facebook but it grabbed my attention and here I am.

I found the course great, so far so good. It's not like a rigid course where you know you just get like taught in a classic way. It's more like an MBA course.

It's it's a bunch of interesting like-minded people. Sunil is so much fun. I mean the presentations themselves are excellent interactive and easier than you imagine.

The world is transforming so there are so many things you need to understand. So yeah it's it's those necessary kinds of skills and also how to be smart in the market, I mean that's not something you get from googling stuff on your own that's something you get from a good mentor like Sunil. You are actually getting input directly from entrepreneurs and from people who built the kind of thing you want.

"Transformational" I would say.

It's a brilliant course.

Hands-on, Action Oriented and Practical

You’ll build a website as you go. Learning step by step implementing what you learn on your own website. This cements the learning and allows you to play and “break” things during the time between sessions.

“Breaking things” has to be the best way to go.


5 Parts, Step by Step

You’ll build a website as you go. Learning step by step implementing what you learn on your own website. This cements the learning and allows you to play and “break” things during the time between sessions.

“Breaking things” has to be the best way to go.

The Right Resources

It can be a jungle out there in the online world.  Knowing what tools to use (and when to actually pay for them) is important.

I find that most people can get away with using free tools for a very long time.

Although sometimes it’s required to invest in tools from the get-go, I like to try and ensure that the business pays for the tools from the profit it generates.

One the Online Business Masterclass you’ll learn all the tools you need to get online and make money.


In addition to the course, you’ll get access to these interviews with successful online Entrepreneurs

Chris Yates

Chuck Mullins

Daniel Buetler

Jason Galespy

The Online Business Masterclass is led by Sunil Jaiswal

Sunil Jaiswal is often described by the people who know him as a man who has nothing to hide and a wealth of experience that he wants to share.

It is this experience that has helped several thousand people free themselves from their financial confines, liberating their minds and spirits. While his professional interest is to teach people how to buy property, Sunil’s fundamental goal is to help people help themselves.

Since his early years, both at school and at work, he was able to visualize his destiny and move quickly from one point to the next on his roadmap to success. The journey from being a child prodigy to a rock superstar, self-taught IT consultant to the UK’s leading educator on real estate, Sunil Jaiswal’s journey has been vivid, and inspiring to those whose life he has touched.

After building a multi-million pound portfolio in the UK, he realized that he could add more value to the lives of people by helping them think out of the box, giving them knowledge and confidence to make intelligent decisions.

Today, Sunil’s journey is still in progress; ever learning, ever experiential, expanding thoughts and ideas into creating a relevant tomorrow.

Sunil Jaiswal

Sunil Jaiswal
Investor & Entrepreneur

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Course Content

Total Videos: 142
Total Duration: 18:04:42

5 videos

11 minutes

Course Introduction including:

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Plan
  • How to get the most out of the course
  • A discussion about the typical journey of an online entrepreneur

12 videos

1 hour

A thorough discussion about online business Including

  • Do you need to be a programmer
  • The skills you will need to be successful
  • Coverage of the 5 business models with live examples
  • A comparison of the business models and how to determine which one is right for you.

15 videos

1 hour, 35 minutes

In this section, we overcome the technical aspects of being an online entrepreneur. you will be able to revisit these videos again an again in the future.

We’ll be covering:

  • Accessing Websites
  • Domain Names
  • IP addresses
  • Protocol & Ports
  • Web Servers
  • Web Pages
  • Query Variables
  • Databases
  • Cookies & State
  • DNS
  • ISPs & Hosting
  • FTP
  • http & https
  • Email

10 videos

57 minutes

Now that we have covered all the technical aspects of online business, it’s time to create a real website. In this module, you’ll get your first website up and running.

  • Buy a domain name
  • Setup Hosting
  • Set DNS
  • Create a simple home page
  • Configure your personal email account



21 videos

2 hours, 10 minutes

A complete guide to WordPress with a live step by step walk through

  • Installing WordPress
  • WordPress Settings
  • Posts, Media, Categories & Tags
  • Pages
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Themes
  • Shortcodes
  • Being Mobile Friendly
  • Plugins
  • Install 6 Plugins
  • Advanced Plugins
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Plugin Tips

5 videos

1 hour, 50 minutes

We now use WordPress to build 4 complete sites

  • Building an Ad sales Site
  • Building an Affiliate Site
  • Building an eCommerce Site
  • Building a Community Website

1 video

1 minute

Now moving onto the most important part of the Online Business Masterclass where we talk about capturing visitors and traffic generation.

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • SMM
  • Email
  • Affiliates

9 videos

56 minutes

A detailed look at Search Engine Optimisation

  • SEO Overview
  • The Google Algorithm
  • Onsite vs Offsite
  • 3 Hats
  • Keyword Research
  • WordPress SEO Plugins

5 videos

50 minutes

We look at Paid Traffic covering…

  • What is PPC
  • Marketplaces
  • Live Demo
  • PPC Vs SEO

5 videos

39 minutes

A detailed look at

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • Making social media work
  • Active Social Media Marketing
  • Passive Social Media Marketing
  • Tools

5 videos

37 minutes

Email marketing is a key to long-term value. We go through

  • Overview
  • Live Walk Through
  • Email Metrics
  • Writing Emails

4 videos

9 minutes

In this module, we look at how to acquire and manage affiliates marketers

1 video

Understanding what is happening on your website is the next part of the being an online Entrepreneur. In the sub-modules we will look at

  • Google Analytics, and
  • Google Search Console

14 videos

1 hour, 22 minutes

Google Analytics is one of the key free tools available for website owners to track and analyze traffic.

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • How does it work?
  • Accounts, property & views
  • Users, Session & Page Views
  • Signing Up For Google Analytics
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Using Google Analytics
  • UTM Tags
  • Google Experiments

5 videos

25 minutes

Google Search Console provides key insights in how Google looks at your website

  • Overview of Google Search Console
  • Sign up for Search Console
  • Link to Analytics
  • Site Maps

5 videos

12 minutes

Now we take a look at how and where you set up your LEgal Entity to run your online businesses.

  • What do you need to run an online business?
  • Legal Entity Location
  • Two Tier Structures
  • Suggested Path

6 videos

15 minutes

The key to success in learning how to scale a business. and without systems, it’s not going to be possible.

  • From “On to In”
  • Funnels
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Standard Operating Procedures

9 videos

1 hour, 9 minutes

Now that you know how business works, it’s time to find a team to help you with execution and administration

  • Outsourcing Objectives
  • Finding Freelancers
  • Posting Jobs
  • Filtering Applicants
  • Interviewing Freelancers
  • Negotiate & Offer
  • Managing Freelancers
  • Musing From Spending $40K+

1 video

2 minutes

A brief talk about next steps for you and options available to you

As a bonus, Here are 4 interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs. Hear their success, wins and mistakes they’ve made.

  • Chris Yates
  • Chuck Mullins
  • Daniel Beutler
  • Jason Glaspey

4 videos
3 hours, 37 minutes

It's like a Shortcut for Me to Get like What I Want to Go Without All the Hassle

Muhammad Alsmadi, Jordan

Actually... In my country, the online business is emerging and I want to be one of the first people who joining this emerging business.

I have a little bit of experience but I believe this course will like enrich my knowledge and my tools to get more involved in this sector.

It's like a shortcut for me to get like what I want to go without all the hassle, so yeah this is the biggest one.

It's like how to inherit the tools and information so you can keep this like your little kid going and then how you can like invest in it and at the end you will get generate money for you.

I want to do what I like, I don't want to have a job from nine to five and I have a boss and some people to manage... so yeah financial freedom and to be a boss on my own also.

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Is there a charge for the Community?

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The Members Community

It's the Right Time to Get into It and to Be Profitable.

Aadil Moizuddin, Dubai

I've always taken an interest in investing.

I found this asset class with online businesses and websites somewhat unique.

The biggest lessons, like I say, it's important to reinforce concepts not get into analysis paralysis. The models...there is a plethora of models for different types of persons and personalities to work out. There there's something for everybody.

It's good to go through different models to try and get that concept reinforced, understand the business model understand what works well and again different things may work better for different people.

It's the right time to get into it and to be profitable.

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You Can Get Started with As Little As $200

Tallen Chow, Dubai

I got in touch with the meetup group that Sunil used to be a part of the cash flow Club and I signed up for any emails or notifications from there and one day I just saw this email pop up saying learn how to invest in an online business.

We watched Sunil's webinar and we thought you know this is it it's got all the information that we want and we just jumped on the opportunity. The experience has been pretty challenging in the sense that there is so much to learn and the more you learn about it the more you realize that, like any other profession, it's going to take a certain time to get good at this thing. And the most important thing is to find an area of specialization that you want to get into.

So the biggest "aha" for me is that you shouldn't worry about not making money just worry about not having an idea. It really opens up your mind to endless possibilities.

If you ever want to be financially free you don't know you're don't have the means, you don't need a lot of money to get started you can get started with as little as $200.

You've got access to Sunil and you can ask him questions and he'll reply to you and even if he doesn't know he'll put you in touch with people who do know.

So you know that there is no better thing than having a team of people around you that you can talk with.

I Had like This Aha Moment

Dirk Tilger, Dubai

I like the idea of investing in general like the idea of passive income and I have my own business but it's not very passive, I need something passive and I know nothing about real estate but I know something about website so that's kind of threw me into.

What I really like this we went through case studies so we picked actual deals from the website and then kind of analyzed it and I had like this aha moment when you realize oh I know enough about valuation that I can actually understand why this price is like this and what I would have only a thought with the prices.

So, in the beginning, there was a lot of technical lessons that in my specific case because I'm already technical we're not strictly necessary but I'm looking forward to the rest that's coming now where we focus more marketing, traffic and then also the business aspects.

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