Plain & Simple advice about how to attain Financial Freedom


The Financial Freedom Masterclass will help you understand not only what you need to do to get out of the rat race, but what kinds of ROI are needed.  Should you choose property, business online or investing?

The Financial Freedom Masterclass will help you make informed decisions about how to achieve financial freedom.

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Course Objectives

The Financial Freedom Masterclass has the following objectives

You’ll gain some Perspective

How easy is it to become financially free? Is it easy as everyone makes out? What do you need to do?

You’ll Have “Aha” Moments

As you see loopholes and way ways to generate incredible ROIs

You’ll Gain Knowledge

Discover the 5 tracks for becoming financially and see what it will take with each one

You’ll Be Inspired to Take Action

Who is this course for?

The Financial Freedom Masterclass has been designed to help people looking to create more choice in their lives by building additional income and assets. 

If you’re currently frustrated in your job or looking for better alternatives the Financial Freedom Masterclass will give you a through understanding of what it will take to achieve your goals and objectives.

Essential Listening for Anyone Who is Keen on Pursuing Financial Independence.

What I found interesting is that this course is concise and gives clarity of thought to someone who might be interested in attaining financial independence but confused. Very well put together. I think this is essential listening for anyone who is keen on pursuing financial independence.

And like all your courses, it's a pleasure to watch with clear actionable steps at the end.

I loved it!

I still can't believe it's free 🙂

Arun Rajendran

What’s Included?

Community Membership

Every course includes a membership in the Flip Minds community made up of successful entrepreneurs from around the globe.

The community is a source for quick answers, additional resources and advice.

We’ve found that participation in the community greatly accelerates the success of masterclass participants.

5 Video Modules

The course content is divided into 5 sequential modules composed of videos that teach the concepts and demonstrate the how-tos of each step in the system.

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5 Tracks

Discover the 5 tracks for becoming financially free.  Business, Online Business, Real Estate Investing, Investing and being “The Deal Maker”

Sample Deals

See real deals in Business, Online Business, Real Estate Investing, Investing.

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Course Content

Total Videos: 59
Total Duration: 03:43:41

5 videos

9 minutes

  • Course Objectives
  • The FFM Plan
  • Getting the most out of FFM
  • A Quick Introduction About Sunil

7 videos

25 minutes

  • The Financial Freedom Formula
  • A detailed look at Return On Investment
  • The Inside Vs Outside Investor
  • A look at the 5 Tracks
  • Your Resources and how to create more

1 video

14 minutes

A look at the two strategies you can follow to become financially free

  • Create Passive Income while you continue to work
  • Build a war chest, quit and create Passive Income

Plus a look at what levels of ROI are required to become financially free.

1 video

1 minute

A quick summary of the 5 tracks or paths you can follow to become financially free.

9 videos

41 minutes

  • Overview of Real Estate Investing
  • What holds people back?
  • Why get into real estate?
  • Two types of real estate investors
  • Financial freedom through real estate
  • Real Estate hacks
  • Sample deals
  • The Business of Real Estate
  • Keys to success in Real Estate

8 videos

29 minutes

  • Overview of Traditional Businesses
  • What holds people back from starting a business?
  • Why start a business?
  • How to attain financial freedom through business?
  • Types of businesses
  • Raising money for your business
  • Example business deals

15 videos

59 minutes

  • Overview
  • What holds people back from starting an Online Business?
  • Why start an online business?
  • Do you really need technical skills?
  • Financial freedom through online business
  • The 5 online business models
  • Business model comparison and which one might be right for you
  • Example online deals
  • Keys to success

7 videos

19 minutes

  • Overview
  • Financial Freedom Through Investing
  • Common Mistakes Investors make
  • Deal Flow, and why it’s important
  • Tips on Evaluating Deals
  • Keys To Making It

1 video

3 minutes

A quick look at being a deal maker, and how it might be right for many investors who do not have funds necessary to do deals by themselves.

4 videos

17 minutes

  • 7 key questions that will help you choose a track.
  • Mentors & Coaches, the difference between them
  • Success Keys

1 video

3 minutes

A short summary of the FFM and how to get more information.

Tools and Life Examples Helped Me Structure My Approach to Success.

I have learned a lot. The way you structured the information, run analyses and teach in the class ABSOLUTELY Amazing.

The tools and life examples helped me structure my approach to success.

Alexei Navolokin

The Financial Freedom Masterclass is led by Sunil Jaiswal

Sunil Jaiswal is often described by the people who know him as a man who has nothing to hide and a wealth of experience that he wants to share.

It is this experience that has helped several thousand people free themselves from their financial confines, liberating their minds and spirits. While his professional interest is to teach people how to buy property, Sunil’s fundamental goal is to help people help themselves.

Since his early years, both at school and at work, he was able to visualize his destiny and move quickly from one point to the next on his roadmap to success. The journey from being a child prodigy to a rock superstar, self-taught IT consultant to the UK’s leading educator on real estate, Sunil Jaiswal’s journey has been vivid, and inspiring to those whose life he has touched.

After building a multi-million pound portfolio in the UK, he realized that he could add more value to the lives of people by helping them think out of the box, giving them knowledge and confidence to make intelligent decisions.

Today, Sunil’s journey is still in progress; ever learning, ever experiential, expanding thoughts and ideas into creating a relevant tomorrow.

Sunil Jaiswal

Sunil Jaiswal
Investor & Entrepreneur

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